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              We are professional translation company established in 2003. With years of experience in a wide range of languages

              Translation and Interpretation


              We provide translation services for both enterprises and individuals, helping them to legalize their stay in China, to register new companies and to obtain or extend their visas. Our translation service includes writing and spoken translation services, covering a variety of industrial fields such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machineries, construction, catering services as well as certifications (passports, business licenses, driver’s licenses, education diplomas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.) Our translated documents are acceptable by local governmental authorities, who have been working with us for over 17 years. We can also dispatch interpreters of various languages to accompany you on your business trips. We are also experience in simultaneous interpretations for large conferences.


              Epoxy recruitment


              According to the requirements of Chinese schools, we help to locate English teachers from English speaking countries such as U.K., USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc., based upon our working procedure that includes consignment of local schools that have been maintaining contacts with us for years. We also provide education to foreign teachers recruited on the Chinese laws and on behalf of the schools that employ them, we go through the procedures of work visa, residence registration and apartment renting, etc.


              Corporate training


              To meet the demands of enterprises to form a fleet capable of international communications, we provide tailor-made training programs for their officials and operators in spoken English, technical terminologies and business operations.



              Language training


              Aiming to elevate the communicating capabilities of the officials and staffs, professional tutors will provide training programs to students in spoken English on projects tailor made just to suit the practice of the enterprise’s circumstances in an efficient and productive way.



              Business training


              To meet the enterprise’s requirements in communication in business, business English programs are launched to build a fleet capable of communicating with clients in business scope.


              We, Jiaxing Wisdence, is dedicated to introducing smart brains to contribute to the development of education in China. With powerful cohesion and service network, we have been assisting the local schools by providing them with quality foreign teaching HR. We are honest dealers who are committed to providing values for enterprises and individuals. With outstanding service and pragmatic attitude, we are providing Chinese schools with talented teachers with global views.